5 signs to invest in travel software

Travel Software:5 Signs To Invest In (2017’s Ultimate Checklist !)

“No matter what you are trying to say, chances are, someone has already said it better?”

Here we go :

Are you looking into new travel product for your business? Are your employees complaining about having to maintain sheets after sheets of excel? You are tired of hearing customer complaints?

Well, you have landed up in the right place!

The tourism industry is constantly evolving. Tourism has been travelling with the wild pace of technological advancements and on-board are people from various places and cultures interacting with increasing ease…..since, the globe had been shrunk into a village.

Unlike your predecessors, you can affordably and in a shorter span travel the world! With tourism being the fastest evolving industry in the world, the need of the hour is a application that eases all your co-ordination issues.

Here, I am going to list out the 5 Immediate Signs You Should Invest In Travel Software !

Let’s begin :

1.Complete Manual Process

manual work

Imagine this :

You are all set to travel to the world’s largest indoor theme park , IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai. All set for a nail-biting experience!

You arrive at the gates, and, suddenly you realize that the entry tickets are missing! That piece of paper that you were so carefully carrying all along has mysteriously disappeared 🙁

Your in a rush to make a phone call to your agent (not to mention the ISD rates), who may or may not pick your call.

Okay, let’s assume he picks the call (being really optimistic here!) and you painstakingly explain your situation to him. He murmurs something and agrees to re-send the itinerary to you via mail. Next, you have to rush to the nearest cafe to download and print your tickets.

All done! In the bargain you loose out on valuable time that you could have spent in the theme park.

How many of us have gone through this situation at-least once in our lives?

Come on now, be honest 😛

All said and done. What’s next?

Head over to Travel Genie and let us handle the rest! With all the travel booking documents – itineraries, visa, passports, day to day activities and much more, all pre-loaded right in the app(just a click away!), you just have to sit back and relax.

2.Huge Employee Costs w/o Travel Software

I had once been to a local travel agent in Dubai to book a flight to Bangalore. I couldn’t help but notice the number of people seated in that small office space. I casually enquired as to why so many people, to which the agent replied :

“Sir, I am responsible for the booking of flight tickets, my friend there takes care of hotel reservations, the person there interacts with the tour operator and ensures smooth functioning of the same.”

All in all there were 8 employees seated in the small place each having a computer and a landline in front of them.

I then asked, “So your profit margins will be very high, right?” To which came the reply, “We draw 5000 AED a month, the boss finds it difficult to pay our salaries itself and your talking about profits?”

I mentally calculated the cost :

5000 AED * 8 employees = 40,000 AED/month

“Wow?!”, I indistinctly murmured to myself. “Your joking!”, I said.

high investment required

The owner of that agency was loosing out on so much profit by not using a management application.

The agent responsible for the tour, had to communicate with the customer, driver, co-ordinator. A copy of the itinerary had to be given to all three of them. Any changes in the schedule has to be verbally communicated to all to ensure that the customer has a satisfying experience.

travel software employee cost infographic

What needs to be done to avoid this chaos & confusion?

Our B2B travel application provides in-app chat with the customer, driver, co-ordinator and the operator. So, any changes in the tour, delays in the flights, cancellations , all can be communicated seamlessly just by chatting. You never have to depend on that piece of paper or make a call again!

This can result in reduction of employee cost by almost 70%, a whopping 28,000 AED less.

So, why wait? Rush to Travel Genie and learn more by asking for a Demo immediately!

3.Poor Customer Satisfaction

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” — Warren Buffett

You will agree with me when I say :

We all love testimonials, hearing good reviews and good things that people have to say about us/our products. We all serve our customers keeping in mind the possibility of them becoming repeat-customers!

Your brand’s reputation is incredibly valuable and not something you want to lose control of.

Here’s the kicker :

Now-a-days with the internet, your reputation directly takes a severe hit when you have an extended streak of bad customer service.

People, today, are quick to write negative reviews online when they have had a bad experience. Moreover, customers vent their frustrations on social media for their friends, family, and the whole world to see.

customer satisfaction tour operator software

Per recent studies, 90% of respondents said they usually tell at least one other person about a bad customer experiences with a company, while 54% said they share it with at least 5 other people.

That being said, your customer satisfaction tops the priorities list.

How to repair the damage?

Our travel product, Travel Genie has an excellent CRM in place that helps sales representatives respond to leads quickly(having all the information they need at their disposal), and keep track of every engagement you’ve had with us, in order to better serve you and your agency.

satisfaction in travel management software

We have been there with you right from the time you started reading this blog 🙂

You can get in touch with us via the enquiry page.

4.Lack of Communication and Co-ordination

Communication?! In travel software?

Yes, communication and co-ordination play a major role in the tourism industry.

co-ordination problem

Read on, to learn how ?

Let me take you through the process of booking a group tour :

Group tours involve travellers coming from different countries, travelling on the same day.It becomes necessary to accommodate and co-ordinate all at the same time which is a difficult job.

All tour operators involve manual processes like communicating via mobile phone calls, thus involving many coordinators. Each agent is responsible for a specific group of tourists – their checkin, comfort and sight seeing.

Travellers also face much difficulty in understanding the language of the coordinator, thus wasting lots of time and money. To top it all , imagine the chaos if the cab/bus driver is late or doesn’t arrive 🙁

Relax, we have it covered up for you!

To solve all the above problems, we need a system which would be simple to use and available at all times to all people : traveller clients, cab drivers, coordinators and guides.

Our Genie’s management software has got all your bases checked. With the passenger app, you can live track your pickup, make cancellations/modifications, chat with your agents and much more.

The co-ordinator can interact with his passengers/drivers at all times. He can assign new or change drivers at any time, due to any reason and the same is reflected in the passenger app. The traveller is kept informed always thus scoring high on customer satisfaction.

Coming to the main person in our tour scenario, the driver, without whom the entire tour would be unsuccessful. The driver is well informed in advance about the upcoming tour. He/She can interact with the agents/passengers , keeping them informed of his/her status at all times. It becomes easy for the driver to cancel in case the flight gets delayed, keeping the passenger and co-ordinator informed of the same.

Finally, we have reached the end of this list of important factors!

Oh wait, there’s one more critical factor which must be taken care of.

5.Passenger Safety

tourism software safety

We all go on tours with our family/friends. Their safety is of utmost priority to us.

    Here’s what we do to ensure your safety :

  • Track your trip right from the time you board the vehicle to the time you’re into the hotel.
  • Let you know all the details(their name, license plate number, photo) about your guide, driver , the places you’ll be touring and much more, so that you never get lost and feel at home at all times.
  • On your trip, we also give you an ETA to keep you well informed always.

Okay, that’s about it!

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