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Travel Genie's travel automation software solves the challenges faced by Tour Operators by connecting Agents , Travellers and Cab Drivers.
With Travellers bringing their mobile devices on trips, it’s now become crucial for travel companies to connect and engage with their clients throughout the entire journey.

Travel Genie provides a comprehensive and innovative travel app to assist customers after booking, during departure, and at their destination. We aim at improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

User Settings

Very interactive, easy to use UI.

Messages Inbox

Get notified right in the app in case of any delay.

Live Chat Messages

In-app chat co-ordination.

Calendar / Planner

View entire itinerary/schedule in the app.

My Places

Be trip ready, as you get briefed on the places you're going to visit.

Media Player

Enjoy your favourite song collections on the go!

Intuitive Statistics

Get trip statistics, hotel ratings and much more right in the app.

And much more!

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Benefits of our Travel Software

Want to sky rocket your sales? Read below to find out how.

  • Travel Genie saves your time by making manual tasks and error correction processes faster, whilst responding to the industry development.
  • We help agencies to grow in travel industry easily and get good profits too.
  • Our Genie provides unparalleled insight into profitability.
  • Travel Genie allows their customers to enjoy great efficiency with error correction process, increase productivity, enhance the ability of the agency for managing changes.
  • Travel Genie features more on giving more time for managing your business efficiently by lessening time needed for the production of standard management reports.