How Much Do You Know about theTravel Industry Problem?

Travel can have a raft of benefits and be hugely fun, exciting, informative, inspiring, memorable and more. However, unfortunately it can also be stressful, painful, costly.

The customer is very smart today, there was a time when customers went to Travel Agents & Tour Operators for their all needs. But in this age of digitisation, everything is available online. It is advisable to go to a reliable Travel Technology Company who can create system which has multiple features like: B2C online booking portal, booking engine, can do integration with multiple suppliers, complete automation of the process so it will take less time to provide solution to the customers and will increase satisfaction of the customer.

The current travel scenario includes three major components, tour operator, travel agent and the end customer. Integrating these three aspects is a major challenge faced by the travel industry today.The operator creates the packages and sells it directly to the clients/agents.The agent again sells these packages to the end customer and has to take care of co-ordinating the trips. The co-ordination can be very tedious as it involves a number of people and lot of manual effort.In the bargain, it is the customer who is affected the most.

This is where Travel Genie comes into play: eliminating all the manual effort, keeping all the three major components connected via the mobile app. Any delay in pickup, change of plans and cancellations can all be co-ordinated right through the app.Thus, by allowing the customer to directly interact with the agents/trip organizers/cab drivers , Travel Genie provides a superlative holidaying experience.

Our travel industry partner Holiday Tours & Packages have helped us achieve tremendous success in this domain. Travel Genie + Holiday Tours & Packages makes a deadly combination that completely eliminates the travel industry problem at once. Do check out this awesome combination to put to rest all your travel woes!

  1. Avinash July 13, 2017

    Well written article!

    1. travelgenie July 13, 2017

      Thank you Avinash! Keep checking this space for more such posts!

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