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2017:The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Travel Management Software Vs Excel


In this age of technological advancements, there are still organizations having more than 200+ employees overseeing everything physically, composing on papers or on walls (yes, walls!). We regularly hear travel organizations say “We can do it speedier in Excel” or “Excel is truly fitting our needs”.

Usage of travel management software reduces the manual effort by almost 70-80%, directly sky-rocketing sales, increasing profits and customer satisfaction.

Want to know how?!

Below are top 6 reasons to choose travel software over excel, hence moving onto a more digitised solution.

1) Excel is Generic

Dealing with travel industry on a day-to-day basis requires a professional environment to work with. Excel, being more generic, doesn’t seem to offer a hassel free practical solution.You have to have a place where you can track your reservations, passengers, travel services, groups, etc.

A tour operator software system is an all in one solution and what Excel can do is only about 10% of what our travel software has!

2) Wastage of Time

time is money

An all in one solution helps you avoid manual tasks – like investing time to enter data for multiple worksheets and complex formulas. The prices for your services are automatically calculated, itineraries are automatically generated and an overview of the current financial status is accessible with just one mouse click (you can also manage roles for each employee!).

Let’s put this scenario in perspective: You have 100 employees managing your travel business with Excel. With a tour operator software, you will have 40-50 employees doing the same amount of work. This is only to give you a relative idea of how this speeds up your work and powers efficiency. That been said, the business operations module within the software improves both productivity and profitability.

3) Complexity

Most of us are just aware that excel is just a large spreadsheet that is used to enter numerous amounts of numerical data. And, our usage of excel is limited to the same! We manually enter the client details one at a time which is time consuming and arduous job.

The functionality of excel is limited to using complex formulas to manage large data and present the results in a tabular format.

With our travel software, Travel Genie , you needn’t remember any formulas or numerical values – the entire workflow is automated!

4) Report Generation & Organization

travel management software reports

Reports involving day to day activities are crucial to a company’s growth analysis. With Excel, you would have to manage numerous reports like budgets, track invoices and payments, customers, travel partners, create and send documents, travel itineraries. This is a very time consuming task and involves numerous people.

With Travel Genie’s travel agency software, the itineraries are automatically sent to the customers, reports automatically generated daily and sent to the tour operator’s mailbox. You can just sit back and relax and let the software handle the tasks for you!

What’s more? All your customer details are properly organised at once place. You needn’t look at multiple spreadsheets/documents for your client details.

In short, all your data is centralised!

5) Lack of Collaboration

One main concern with using spreadsheets is that they need to be shared between multiple levels. This causes miscommunication as well as frustration across the company.

Don’t know which is worse – everybody having their own Excel file or the case where all employees are using the same excel file.

In case of the latter, only one person at a time can edit the file!

Any changes in schedule have to be intimated across all levels, the travel agent, the tour co-ordinator and the customer. This is taken care of by our travel management software. Automated mails are sent out immediately to all members in the hierarchy, thus bringing all people on the same page.

6) Security

data security

Your sheets are stored on your local system, which is to say that you are dependent on the system’s health for your work ?

This information can be susceptible to virus attacks or system crashes. And, in the bargain you loose out on years of valuable data, a potential job snatcher!

But there is no need to worry! You’re at the right place.

Our cloud based travel management software ensures that the data is stored safely and can be accessed anywhere, anytime , anyplace!

Backups are regularly taken to ensure no loss of data.

To conclude, immediately sign up for a travel management software that eliminates all the above issues and ensures a smooth functioning of your travel agency.

But, wait! Why look any further? We, at Travel Genie are here to address all your travel management woes!

Want to see our Genie in action?! Want to know how Travel Genie can help you get automated?

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    Well written,excellent article, clearly highlighted the points.

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